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Tennis Center Startbaan

Tennis Center Startbaan

With a total of 12 LED lit high-quality gravel outdoor courts and 5 indoor hardcourts Tennis Center Startbaan offers the best in tennis enjoyment.

On the outdoor courts the LTC Startbaan tennis club offers all facilities for tennis at all levels and for all ages. Recreational tennis, competition, fun tournaments and tennis toss for all groups. Tennis lessons and tennis training are given by highly qualified trainers. Read more

When the weather allows, it will be possible to play on gravel in the winter from the 2018-2019 season onwards. Courts can be booked per hour.

The 5 indoor hardcourts were completely renovated in 2017. The LED lighting has also been recently adapted to meet competition requirements. The indoor courts can be rented per contract for the summer or the winter, but rental per hour is also possible. The contracts for the winter are offered in March of every year.

Renting a tennis court

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